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At cta hansen, we understand business. In partnership with cta hansen we take the guess work out of your bookkeeping, payroll, income tax and planning needs and let you focus on what you know best, your business. We offer competitive quotes for affordable health, property & casualty, supplemental, life, dental and vision insurance to Corporations, Small Business owners, the Self-employed and Individuals and their families. We represent a number of insurance companies and research those A rated carriers to find you the best combination of price, coverage and service.

We believe a retirement plan should complement your business, not complicate it.

At cta hansen, we tailor retirement plans to your business, your goals and your employees. Our vision is to help plan sponsors provide a retirement plan that will give their business a competitive edge while helping participants achieve their retirement dreams.

Complete Program

  • Our full-service retirement plans incorporate plan design, administrative and compliance services and fiduciary assistance.
  • Our comprehensive enrollment kit and educational resources encourage employee participation.
  • Our diverse investment platform is the result of our rigorous selection and monitoring process.
  • Our team of professionals delivers personal, attentive service that helps make it easier to offer a retirement plan.

Discover the advantages that our people, products and processes bring to your company and employees.